W Minneapolis X ADRF


W Minneapolis – The Foshay serves as a world-class hotel and an iconic landmark for the city of Minneapolis. The tower was originally built in 1929 and was converted into a W Hotel property nearly a decade ago. Located in downtown Minneapolis, the 32-story tower is the perfect luxury hotel for any guest in the city to stay with over 200+ rooms.Both guests and employees of W Minneapolis expect excellent wireless coverage at a moment’s notice.

We worked with W Minneapolis and ADRF to help tell the story of success in delivering the best wireless experience. Through the visuals and interviews captured, we were able to showcase ADRF’s expertise in modernizing the wireless coverage and capacity throughout the venue without compromising the look and feel of Foshay’s rich architectural heritage. 


Technology is key with W Hotel as being on the forefront. It’s just so important for our customers to be connected all the time…with not just one device but multiple devices.

David Cronin, Complex General Manager, W Minneapolis

Client: W Minneapolis X ADRF
Agency: Imagination At Play
Director: Paul K. Lee

• Pre Production
• Video Production
• Design
• Animation
• Editing

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