KC Royals X ADRF


Kauffman Stadium, home to the Kansas City Royals, has proudly hosted the 1973 and 2012 All-Star Games along with four World Series in MLB. Kauffman Stadium has long been held as one of the best examples of modernist design in stadiums. With a $250 million renovation in 2009 and the latest inclusion of ADRF technology, the stadium is now best equipped to provide excellent wireless coverage throughout all areas for guests and employees, upwards of 40,000 people. 

Imagination At Play endeavored to create a video that celebrates the ADRF technology the stadium now possesses. Kauffman Stadium is an iconic landmark not just for Kansas but for MLB, and we channelled that love and passion into the video. The soundtrack was carefully hand-picked and paired with the footage to create an all-American feel.

Behind The Scenes

Client: KC Royals X ADRF
Production Company: Imagination At Play

• Direction
• Production
• Editing

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