Rumble Films

Rumble Films is an independent production company at the forefront of unique and exciting filmmaking, with an aim to produce smart and visceral films designed to appeal to a global audience. With Oscar-winning Sundance success WHIPLASH, Oscar-nominated NIGHTCRAWLER, and 2011 cult film DRIVE starting Ryan Gosling under their belt, Rumble strives to create studio quality, fiscally responsible cinema, with a focus on visionary filmmakers.
Imagination At Play was tasked to create Rumble Films’ main logo animation to be played in theaters during the opening credits. The concept was to show a multi-layered logo animation coming together to form a flat 2D logo in an environment filled with rumbling sound waves. The layers created a sense of depth that represented the diverse range of films the company produces. The end result was a logo animation that embodied the essence of Rumble Films as well as the essence of film production itself. 
Client: Rumble Films
Agency: VHF
Sound Design: 740 Sound
• Design
• 3D Animation


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