Google I/O Keynote Video

Every year, Google hosts a conference for software developers in San Francisco called Google I/O. The conference features in-depth technical discussions based on web, mobile, and enterprise applications for Google’s products and other technologies. 
For 2014, we were thrilled to be part of the keynote opening video. The concept revolved around the journey of a ball as it makes its way through the world of Google and Android products. The IAP team recreated and animated all the Google user interfaces (UI) and the top Android mobile apps in one seamless experience, bringing them to life. The entire experience was projected on a huge screen at the conference at 16k resolution which transported viewers into a dynamic and engaging journey.
Client: Google


• Editing
• Design
• 2D/3D Animation


“We loved working on this conference video because it really takes the live experience to the next level. With a screen at 16k, we wanted to make sure every app we re-created was beautiful, accurate, and engaging. One of the highlights for us was to show the different creative environments and art direction that each app boasted.”

– Paul K. Lee, Creative Director, Imagination At Play

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