GameFly 2016

When people play video games and watch movies, often times they come to life to completely immerse us in a new environment. GameFly’s latest commercials brings this experience to life by animating 3D characters alongside gamers of all ages. 
Imagination At Play aspired to create this type of experience for viewers who can relate to having their favorite games and movies come to life. IAP was tasked to animate a graphics package and 3D characters featured in GameFly commercials targeting different demographics. 
Client: GameFly

• Design
• Character Storyboard
• 2D Graphics Package
• 3D Character Animation
• Compositing
• Lighting & Rendering


“Our goal was to bring these characters to life. And to do that we needed the characters to live seamlessly in their environments. ”

– Paul K. Lee, Creative Director, Imagination At Play

Family :60 Second Commercial

Kids :60 Second Commercial

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