GameFly 2016

Would winning the lottery change your life? GameFly’s latest commercials show us what happens when gamers win the lottery and take gaming to a whole new level. 
From creating a gigantic flat screen TV in 3D, to designing a spacecraft, Imagination At Play helped bring this ultimate gaming experience to life. Through the use of design, 2D and 3D animation, tracking, and other post production services we pulled out all the tricks to help make this campaign one to remember.
Client: GameFly
Agency: Sincbox
• Design
• Graphics Package
• 2D/3D Animation
• Lighting & Rendering
• Rotoscope & Tracking
• Composite

Spacecraft 3D Process

“We enjoy the creation process as much as the final outcome because this is where all of the creativity comes together.”

– Paul K. Lee, Creative Director, Imagination At Play

Flat Screen TV 3D Explorations

Gamers :30 Alt E-M

Kids :30 E-E

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