Erven is chef Nick Erven’s unique take on an American plant-based restaurant. Located near Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California, the chic, casual eatery and marketplace is at the forefront of the plant-based cuisine trend. Attracting both locals and tourist dinners alike, Erven is known for its organic and global flavors as well as its array of biodynamic wine options.
Imagination At Play partnered with the Erven team to create a nature inspired logo that is simple yet distinct and embodied the identity of the restaurant. The overall design approach was to stray from the plant and root logo stereotype and delve deeper into what it really means to be plant-based. The end result was a two part logo concept involving a dot placed off center inside an imperfect circle. The imperfect circle represents the non-treated and organic ingredients and the dot represents the precision and attention to detail and bold flavors of Erven chefs to create a perfect and complex meal. When paired together, these two symbols represent the balance and perfection of each dish served at Erven.
Client: Erven

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“It’s certainly the best [vegan restaurant in Los Angeles] I’ve been to; clever complex cooking lets vegetables taste like themselves instead of analogues to forbidden products”

-Jonathan Gold, Food Critic, LA Times

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