Behavioral Health Works

Behavioral Health Works (BHW) helps individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities reach their full potential by working with families, schools, and relevant professionals. The company’s use of real-time analytics and data driven ABA treatment model, allows them to provide cutting edge treatment to each client.

Over the course of three years, Imagination At Play has worked alongside BHW creating marketing campaign videos that showcased and celebrated BHW’s mission and marketing goals. This year expanding on those prior videos, “Together It’s Possible” campaign displays the dedication to the many families BHW has had the privilege to journey alongside by following the storyline of a family and a newly hired behavioral therapist.

IAP created a live action video, designed, and animated graphics to portray BHW’s integrated technology approach. IAP also produced several interviews about BHW and their new Innovation Lab initiative.

The quality of the work that Imagination At Play produces is second to none in the industry. They are not in the business of transactions, they focus on transformation and long term relationships with their clients.

Dr. Rob Douk, Founder & Executive Director, Behavioral Health Works

Client: Behavioral Health Works
Production Company: Imagination At Play

• Concept Development
• Pre Production
• Production
• Design
• Animation
• Editing

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